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Justin Wesley Lines is a Liar and A Sociopath Cheaters

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Date: 12:19 am

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Don’t be fooled Justin W.Lines is a grade A Sociopath. He comes off as charming and goofy but he is manipulative and dangerous.He has been cheating on his loyal girlfriend for years with prostitutes and trannies. He has a infection on his genitals , he will take the condom off when your not looking, he will wait until your drunk to sleep with you.He recently moved to Minneapolis taking gf with him but is telling her he needs space while he spreads disease and sleeps with other women. He is a Neuroscience Graduate Student at the University of Minnesota. He is a user and worst of all pretends to be a nice guy. He currently has pictures of him and his new victim up on his Facebook but his girlfriend is blocked from seeing them . BEWARE this man.

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Cheater Details

First Name: Justin
Middle Name: Wesley
Last Name: Lines is a Liar and A Sociopath
Category: Cheaters


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