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Justin Chavez, Colorado Cheaters

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Justi’in Syde This so called man has 3 babies mothers…4 kids… has none under his custody. He lives off his parents money and still acts like a child. He is also bi sexual and has s*x with men and hides this from the world. He also his a woman beater so watch out for this predator !!! he is 38 years old still going to the clubs and bars and cant even afford diapers for his 1 year old. He is a narcissist and has been diagnosed with bi-polar disorder. He is very verbally abusive and will charm a woman with his looks and once he has you he is a different person. This narcissist will ruin your life. He has got two woman’s kids taken away from the state. his ex wife got addicted to drugs with Justin and had her children taken away. than his youngest sons mom left him who was also on drugs…and he got very mad and called social services on her and got her kids taken away as well. His youngest daughters mom is also involved in social services but is a fit parent but because Justin is a abuser and drug addict he got the state involved. So watch out for this charming man he will ruin your life!!!

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Cheater Details

First Name: Justin
Middle Name: Chavez,
Last Name: Colorado
Category: Cheaters


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