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Julia Blair, Gilbert, Arizona Cheaters

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Date: 4:21 pm

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Found out my husband cheated with this woman “Julia Blair” some time ago. I confronted him after finding evidence of it. He confessed the whole thing. Now is my time to warn other women out there. Doesn’t matter if shes married, or simply dating men in a supposedly committed relationship, she looks for the excitement of unfaithful relationships. Schools, soccer fields, work places, there are some of he favorite hunting areas to spot and latch on her next target. She never keeps her prey very long. Once she slept with that man couple of times, she loses interests and moves on to her next target. So, consider yourself warned; Keep your husband away of her as much as you can, if not, then just keep an eye on her and possibly make sure she knows you are aware of her game.


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First Name: Julia
Middle Name: Blair,
Last Name: Gilbert, Arizona
Category: Cheaters


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