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Joycelyn (Joy) G. Lisenbee Taylor Texas HomeWreckers

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My husband came back from his last deployment a broken man. He was not the same person he was, he was depressed and suffering from PTSD. So when he hit his lowest, believed the world was against him, he turned elsewhere to “mask his pain”. He turned to the pimp called Ashley Madison. This is where he met his w***e. She is also married and has children, but she is so pathetic her husband doesn’t even care that she has affairs. This wasn’t her first, and I’m sure won’t be her last. A real woman would see a troubled man, who tells her how much he still loves his wife, and try to help. She knows all she has to offer is s*x and married men that aren’t looking for more is all she can attract. She made the first move and was very sexually aggressive from the beginning. She played on his insecurities from his mental breakdown, told him what he needed to hear. Unfortunately, she wasn’t enough to keep him up, so she had to get on her knees for most of their meetings. So pathetic that a 48 year old woman was ok that they only met in the backseat of a car for 7 months. I almost feel sorry for what a sad life she has. This “mother” regularly sent pornographic pictures of herself and sent filthy messages. I only hope her daughters have more pride and self respect. It took my husband about 20 minutes after I found out to call and cut off all communications. She was so worthless that he didn’t give it a second thought. Even when she still tried to call him and communicate with him at work. What he did was unacceptable. Yes, he made the choice to hook up with this w***e, but she aggressively pursued him. She maintains a profile on Ashley Madison and I’m sure if she hasn’t hooked up again already, she’s on the prowl. If you see this name or face, know that she will do anything to try to convince herself that she is desirable.

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First Name: Joycelyn
Middle Name: (Joy)
Last Name: G. Lisenbee Taylor Texas
Category: HomeWreckers


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