Joseph Juliano, Frisco, Texas

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Author: Anonymous

1 thought on “Joseph Juliano, Frisco, Texas”

  1. The OP is an obsessive, delusional, and pathetic woman with no boundaries, no self-esteem, and no heart.

    She has stalked Joe for 3 years, enabled his vices, pushes all of his friends and family away from him, isolated him, and then stalks/harassed/sends DEATH THREATS to mothers and their children.

    She has worse of all, been *adversarial* in regards to facilitating the relationship of joe and his kids in every single way.

    Samantha German is her name.

    She has 6 phone Numbers
    She files false police reports
    She is a cyber stalker
    She will go after kids just to keep him around as some sort of sick trophy.

    I hate to say it but she is a total waste.

    I pray everyday for joe and his kids.

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