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Joseph Gilbert, Oviedo, Florida Cheaters

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Talk about wasting years of my life! On a guy who is supposed to be an upstanding example to children and others in his profession. He lied through everything, still to this day would lie before ever letting someone know the truth! A sad disgrace to his uniform, family, and me. He claims to be a man of his word, keeping loved ones close. He’s so full of lies you can’t trust a word, and he will…This guy is actually a member of LAW ENFORCEMENT! Refusing to take no for an answer, this MARRIED guy constantly harasses me at my workplace years ago. After several months of pursuit, I weakened and began a relationship. Early 20s stupid mistake. So he says she doesn’t know how to be a wife, we fight, don’t get along, sleeping on the couch, etc. 3 YEARS stuck in this mess begging him to do something or else, he says, the kids are the problem. If it were just her, no question he would be with me…I fell for every line he ever said. So he attempts, supposedly, to leave her, says hes leaving, goes out the door, gets in his truck, and goes to work. He called me from that truck, telling me he misses me, and I can hear the stress in his voice. I told him to do what he thought would be best. Several hours later, we are both at work, and he CALLS me and leaves a message AT MY HOUSE to say he couldn’t do it and needs more time! COWARD! Cant even face me when he begs? I couldn’t believe it. Heartbroken, lied to, and so embarrassed, I told him to get lost. No more time. Its over. This person I loved and trusted, betrays me so deeply. He never ever mentioned he was a coward, and not the man he said he was, not a man of his word. I was so sad. I knew I would never be that same girl ever again.Trusting, loving, kind and in love. We never spoke again after that. 10 years later I am still feeling unresolved.I had to just know if he was happy. Doing OK.I had so many questions I never had answers to. During this time of brief re connection, he tried to begin another affair with me. Again,after months of rejection I finally respond to all of these sexual messages he sends. We meet for a drink, he tried to get me to leave in his truck. He started kissing me in a parking lot running his hands up and down my body. All things slowly leading to where he has been directing for months! Then, out of nowhere he completely flips out on me the next day! YOU started this mess, and now your too scared to say you still love me? Too scared to tell your wife shes never been what you want? Treat her like expendable garbage, because shes too insecure to deal with her issues.Tell her you dont care if she stays or goes, but be such a COWARD you cant tell her YOU want her to leave? I was trusting a liar AGAIN! I’m glad he didn’t get all of what he wanted! Once a liar…..once a cheater….even if hes a cop,you cant trust a single word. What a disgrace to his uniform,family,and me.

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First Name: Joseph
Middle Name: Gilbert,
Last Name: Oviedo, Florida
Category: Cheaters


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