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Joseph Brinson Cheaters

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This is a 42~year~old sociopath. He is unable to be without a woman, but he never seems to make it past a year before he just evaporates. He’s never been married, and has no kids. I met him on a little over a year ago. He is handsome, charming, witty, and intelligent. He has a great job, a nice car, everything. We got along well, occasional fights, nothing totally unusual. His parents loved me, his mother even told me that G*d chose me for him. You had to be there. Anyway, he proposed to me on his birthday this year on October 1st, since it was “the best birthday present he could ever get.” By December 1st he was getting very distant and strange, and said he needed time to think, to see if he could make it work. When I finally forced his hand on January 1, he dumped me. The very next day, today, January 2, he has a shiny new {where I met him} profile up. He has done this to every woman he has ever dated and his one previous fiancée {his mother confirmed this while I was dating him} and simply is not real. He says he would rather be “alone” but he can’t remain alone without a woman to worship him and take care of him until the flaws begin to show, and then he will dump you because you’ve started to figure out that he isn’t really there. Save yourself the time and heartache.

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First Name: Joseph
Middle Name:
Last Name: Brinson
Category: Cheaters


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