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Joseph Allen Apato Cheaters

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Date: 1:44 am

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Avoid, avoid, avoid. He goes by Codrummer. He answers to Joe Apato, Joe DeAmato, Steve Williams, Joey and G*d knows what else he comes up with. He cheats on his wife, he lies about being separated and having to live in the same house as her for the sake of his son. He claims he doesn’t even sleep in the same bed as her, but only on the sofa. He asked me to marry him – civil wedding only, not in a church. Lied about being married, lied about having a kid, lied about what he does for a living – “I’m a federal agent, I can’t tell you what I do. This is why I disappear for a while.” Oh and then he FAKED HIS DEATH, BUT CAME BACK FROM THE DEAD because “he needed me in his life”. I was addicting & he couldn’t get me out of his blood. He blames his problems on the military – Post whatever syndrome. He has no intention of leaving his wife and ready built family, he’s only with you for the s*x, “the most fantastic ever because all he’s ever gotten is VANILLA” His wife knows nothing, she’d most likely kick his a*s, he’s afraid of her. He’s a rock drummer: so the thinks he’s famous, the band is teen audience material and routine – music is not new or inovative. He claims to know all these famous musicians, it’s all a front this guy’s life is built entirely on lies and his imagination.

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Cheater Details

First Name: Joseph
Middle Name: Allen
Last Name: Apato
Category: Cheaters


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