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Jonathan Lutz Cheaters

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This guy has a smooth routeen. Comes across as a small town good old boy, but usually has multiple affairs going at the same time. Likes to pick women who are overweight and have s****y selfesteem so that they are starved for his attention. Loves to tell sad stories of how selfish and cruel his wife is but has yet to leave her. He romanced my wife byemail and texting for a year and a half before they finallymet in person. He convinced her to help him get a condo in a town 30 miles form where he lives. Of course he had tons of other women in that place since my wife could only meet up with him there once every 6 to 7 weeks. When she became pregnunt he dumped her. She became depressed and when she miscarryed she got suicide I and it took a lot of work with some great doctors and the blessing of our Lord and Savior to bring her back from the edge. He is an evil selfish basturd and suckers in women from all over the country.

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First Name: Jonathan
Middle Name:
Last Name: Lutz
Category: Cheaters


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