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Jonathan Herridge – Con Man and womanizer Cheaters

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Jonathan Herridge is a womanizer who is married and tries to take advantage of female’s He has no assets so the victim is left with no money and no way of ever getting it back. I have been in a relatioship for over three years hiding from his wife i got so tired of it. So i told him to leave his wife or its over. Since he did not leave his wife i broke up with him. I still love him and miss him and all of the dirty and kinky stuff he does to me in the bed. I have never had a man lick my a*s hole before. one day i had the bad sign of diarrhea and he told me to been over the bathtub and spread my b**t cheeks and he lick the diarrhea out of my a*s. He is best with his tounge my p***y when it was b****y. ask him to stick his tounge out you will s**t it’s big it bigger thin his d**k or p***s. Do not believe his lies and his false promises. He is constantly on the phone hassling individuals who are caught in his schemes. He claims he is on conference calls, but from close contact with him, we realize they are anything but. He is above all a womanizer, who fabricates ludicrous lies in order to gain the trust of others. He continuously promises incredible profits from his business. he steals from his victims. His business he runs to scam his victims out of hard earned money. His bussiness is called successful work at home parents or his website this man can not be trusted at all he is the type man that would steal from his own mother. Trust your instincts, what he discusses sounds too good to be true, and IT IS. Jonathan Herridge is a scammer and womanizer so beware of him. Feel free to leave comments or questions here and I will be more than willing to give more information.

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First Name: Jonathan
Middle Name: Herridge
Last Name: – Con Man and womanizer
Category: Cheaters


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