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Jon Dinsmore Cheaters

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This charismatic boy seemed like my knight in shining armor; I chose to ignore the abuse for far too long, since the good side seemed so irresistable.

He is delusional (makes constant unrealistic claims about his past), will turns people against each other, tore my purse out of my hand and went through my phone and comptuer to make sure I “wasnt hiding anything”, all the while secretly sending other girls videos of himself matrubating and advertising on s*x sites (while claiming to love me and only want me), and now he blames me for leaving and preys on the pity of others. He lies about everything, he is psychologically/verbally abusive (“Stupid b***h”/”Baby you’re my angel I love you”/”why do you have to get off the phone, f*****g other guys again?”), he tried to convince me that he was a spiritual embodiment like Jesus (and at a time I actually was almost convinced HAHAH)…
He accused me of sleeping around when I didn’t, threw stuff around the room & broke things…Anyways, its still hard to stay away even knowing what I know now, so i suggest no one else go near this sociopathic freak- he wont change, and though he claims he has love, he only has it for himself and will screw you out of money, self-esteem, friendships and anything else he can take.

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First Name: Jon
Middle Name:
Last Name: Dinsmore
Category: Cheaters


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