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@JoJoLorena @ItsItalyBitch Psychos

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Here to defend Jo on this very platform her obsessed crazed stalker uses to smile for a couple of minutes.

1. Jolie is not your kid, she isn’t your daughter. You wish she was!
2. You don’t even have John’s last name, you’re not in his family, nor has he asked you to have it as he did with Jo during her pregnancy so I’m confused on what you know about his “family line”
3. You’re going through all this trouble to call jo a liar when she’s never lied to John, I actually spoke to John. I can guarantee he’s aware of Jolie, her last name, and her ethnicity
4. Leave her alone, find some hobbies, John does not want you nor will he ever so stop being a pick-me trying to bully a woman he was going to marry just because he’s upset with her and you think you have a chance or something.
5. You have to understand that d**n baby was named AFTER HIM !! She looks just like him, nobody cares about dna tests & I saw the test!
6. Jo acts like she’s hard all the time but she’s got emotions I promise! She very protective of Jolie and John’s ugly a*s no matter who he’s with
7. Be careful

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First Name: @JoJoLorena
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Last Name: @ItsItalyBitch
Category: Psychos


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