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JOHNNY WAYNE HARRIS, Whitehall , PA Cheaters

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Date: 12:14 pm

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This is a dangerous man – here is a list of acts he committed – poured lighter fluid on me – nailed the door shut with a nail gun so i could not get out – cut phone lines – internet lines – Smashed personal possessions – cut up my clothes – smashed in a lcd tv – pulled a knife on me – pulled a shotgun on me , choked me , punched me – cheated on me , Force fed me when i was sick , p****d the bed too many times to count because he was so drunk – never paid for anything other than rent – killed a pet of mine . Drove crazy when he was angry – threw food , dishes , cell phones , never wanted me to see my family , was a racist , woman hating uneducated redneck – JOHNNY WAYNE HARRIS – CATASAQUA RD , WHITEHALL , PA , LIKES TO GO TO PARK INN IN WHITEHALL , PA

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Cheater Details

First Name: JOHNNY
Middle Name: WAYNE
Last Name: HARRIS, Whitehall , PA
Category: Cheaters


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