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John P Papaleo, Miami Florida

This person is a compulsive liar and a cheater. I was in a relationship with this man for 2 years. I this period of time I found him on Tinder ( dating site ) twice. Also he told me he really wanted to have children and we tried for month to get pregnant and when we finally did he made me have an abortion , he basically told me that he didn’t wan to be with me. While I was debating what to do he went on a date with a woman he met on tinder and paid with my credit card this is the only known instance. I finally said yes to the abortion because I didn’t want to rise a child alone. After I had the abortion he got back together with me lived in my home for six month and left after I discovered he has a travel insurance policy with another woman. Again we got back together, after a while he was acting really suspicious did not want to tell me where he lived he avoided the question a lot. Then again I caught him on tinder he swore up and down that it was not his account I at this point ended the relationship. He did stay away every couple of day he would texts telling me he missed me he would sleep over every once in a while. one day on a Tuesday he slept over and we had a really good night I thought that maybe things would work. That same night I had a woman send me an instagram message stating that she had been in a relationship for 2 months with him and that she met him on tinder. I was furious because just the night before he was sleeping with me. I went to his home to talk to him and tell him to never contact me again. When I mentioned the name of this person he denied it so I proceeded to call her and then he attacked me. Punching me kicking me etc. This man is a lost soul a liar and will never make any woman happy

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