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John Kenneth Wright, III Baltimore, Maryland Cheaters

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My ex-husband John Kenneth Wright III relocated from Baltimore, MD to Wichita, KS in 2010 to avoid paying child support. since he has resided here he has only paid one payment in September 2010. He refuses to get a payroll job because there is an issue of wage attachment regarding this order. He says he does not have the ability to pay but he works with sound and theatrical unions which do not issue normal payroll checks, He also is currently running his own company called JKW3 International Incorporated that has been established since January 2011. His companies web site can be found on Linked in. His company’s website states that he has 218 connections. During this period, I had to go without my needs met because the little money I received from my employer went to taking care of our child alone. Since he has resided in Kansas, he has obtained federal loans to attend schools and he has remarried. He brags to my daughter about setting stages for shows such as the Lion King and performers such as Green Day. Union jobs pay no less than $25 an hour yet he still does not pay. I have become ill because I had little money to take care of myself without help in taking care of our child. He currently owes over $14,000 but yet has demonstrated no willingness to pay. In addition to not paying child support he has stolen my identity, leaving me with poor credit. After divorce he stopped taking his daughter to school, even though her school was not on a bus route, thank G*d we found other means, he did not care if I had enough food to feed her ( at our divorces beginning I worked part-time only), money for clothes or for rent. somehow I have made it but the money is owed and still we struggle because I can only work one job because I have developed cold-indused asthma and heart problems. My daughter is currently in college and the back money is still needed. Financial aid does not give enough money for her education and I cannot obtain loans since I have adverse credit as a result of my stolen identity. I would appreciate any help in finding his exact location in Wichita, KS and a way to obtain the money owed.


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First Name: John
Middle Name: Kenneth
Last Name: Wright, III Baltimore, Maryland
Category: Cheaters


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