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John Karpinski, Milwaukee, Wisconsin Cheaters

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Cheater, abusive, threatening, manipulative, liar. Extremely verbally abusive once living together. He blames his behavior on you; twists everything around. He was very nice, polite & charming in the beginning, then pressured me for weeks to move in together & I did. Each episode of abuse became worse than the last – emotional, then verbal, then physical. Always because I never showed him that I cared or loved him, so he was permitted to lecture, yell and call me names for hours at a time. While living together, I left many times for my safely. He would cycle between angry, sad, apologetic and needy within hours. His moods are completely unpredictable and he is extremely controlling. He doesn’t want you to spend time with anyone except him; he says he doesn’t mind, but then guilt trips you so that little by littel, you stop talking to your family and friends. He actually asked me if any of my boyfriends had ever hit me before. Hello, red flag! There was always a feeling with him, that something just wasn’t right. Well, I didn’t listen and have suffered being assaulted, a broken cell phone, being threatened, and outside of having to miss many days of work, he also cost me plenty of money ultimately. He is a true psycho and/or extrememly unbalanced mentally. Women need to be warned. That is why I am posting and to tell you – do not believe anything he says. “I love you” means nothing to him; he may as well have said “I’ll have some coffee”. He has no true feelings, that much I can tell you. He will talk about how “hurt” he is/has been etc. but cannot understand why I had to flee for my safety several times. He will not admit he is abusive; no, he was just “under a lot of stress”. Yeah, right. It took me several efforts to break it off – “no” is not something he hears. I am now finally gaining my life back. Freedom, independence and sanity are too much to sacrifice for anyone, ever. Any questions on whether your guy/girl is abusive? Go to Dr. Joe Carver’s website and look at “20 signs you are dating a loser”. Be safe.

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First Name: John
Middle Name: Karpinski,
Last Name: Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Category: Cheaters


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