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John Bagley Cheaters

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Preys on women with a good job or some money. Very smooth. Very controlling. First he separates you from your family and friends. He never leaves your side–watching you all the time. Most of his conquests last a very short time (12 months or less). He wants your house and your business but does not contribute any expenses. All his possessions were obtained by scamming women into buying things for him. Most relationships end with a restraining order. John is a hunter and has many guns–usually 3-30 at any given time. He is a very dangerous person and is currently looking for new mates on various singles web sites. Some of those sites are: (ru4me_966),, (Voondaba), etc. He claims to be educated (master’s degree but hs actually only finished the 10th Grade), an international businessman (one trip abroad), a Vietnam vet and POW (never left the states during those years). He says he has had one wife who was very sick and he nursed her back to health before she died and now he is widowed (actually he divorced her in 1990 and she died in 2002). Claims she was his only wife. He has had at least 4 wives that have been verified–possibly more, and many more live-in relationships. He claims to have 2 grown children (actually he has 5 grown children by 3 wives). He has lived in Missouri, Iowa, Texas, Colorado and possibly Oklahoma. He has grey hair and a mustache and is currently dying his hair brown because he claims to be 50 years old on the dating sites. He currently is staying with his daughter in Mount Vernon, Missouri. Sometimes stays with his elderly mother in Lebanon, Missouri. Also has a daughter in Springfield, MO. Birthdate: 09-15-1946

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First Name: John
Middle Name:
Last Name: Bagley
Category: Cheaters


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