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John B. Wender, New York, New York Cheaters

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I met this “man” John Wender online around Dec. 2008. He was “larger than life” in that he was extremely charming and claimed to be a successful architect and had designed many large buildings (big lie). He claimed to have made millions and explained he had a nasty drug habit (cocaine) because of his high profile career but just kicked it a few years prior. He hooked me with the story about him being a separated man and a single parent of 2 children having to raise them on his own as his wife was chose to be with other male suitors instead of being a mother. He had told me that she wanted him to raise the kids. He told me she cheated on him throughout the marriage and was often out with her boyfriends. {I am a divorced woman that had a husband who was a habitual cheater so my heart immediately went soft for this “poor man” that had a cheating spouse too}. Come to find out months into a sexual relationship that he was NEVER separated and has been married to Elena for over 17 years and she was a stay at home mom with their 2 kids. He also lied about his age. He said he was 5 years younger than he was. I fell victim to the lies. Don’t let him fool you by the stories he will tell you professing his good nature and kindness. He will text you every morning and every evening, make you feel like you are the only thing that matters, but it won’t mean a thing. He will make plans with you but once something (or somebody) else comes up, he will change them. You will always be second, or third in line after he’s hooked you. It’s true that everything that happens will be blamed on you…It will always be your fault. He comes off charming, very forward and strong, you will really feel like a million bucks and that he is solely interested in you (but know there are always others), talks about the future with you and makes you feel special. Then slowly, picks you apart. He will yell at you for something small like leaving a glass on the floor. Everything will be your fault, he will rant and rave, yell at the smallest things. He made me feel so horrible about myself. However, I have walked away a different person, and made this situation a valuable lesson learned. I will never be caught up with a serial cheater and liar ever again. Not only that, he manipulated me and was abusive in physically and mentally. You slowly become drained and tired, and your self esteem ends up in the toilet. Do as you please, but consider this a warning if you don’t want to get hurt. I have read all the news about him and I read about the lawsuit in the New York Times. You’d never guess he’s the man they’re saying he is, but it’s all true. IN my opinion he is a predator of women and has a sexual addiction as well as the former drug addiction. John Wender has no one to blame but himself for this chain of women like me coming forward. He can’t continue to go through life destroying people just because he wants to get laid. There comes a point when this kind of behavior just is unacceptable and at his age (real age not the age he will tell you) he should know better. He had two young children and from what I’ve been reading another one with somebody else. Those kids will be ruined forever with an example like him. He needs to go to some kind of retreat to reevaluate his life and his treatment of women. I decided to come forward because I saw all the media attention his case with Louise Silberling created. Essentially she was trying to warn women to stay away but it was done in such a way that nobody took it seriously and she was branded a scorned woman. Fact of the matter is that he is that man, and worse, and at this point it needed to be said because he is, in my honest opinion, a sexual predator who will stop at nothing to get a woman into his bed and then discard them when he’s got what he wanted. He has proven to me, and to probably countless others he has no morals or conscience. I doubt his wife was even a cheat and it was him just spinning lies to get sympathy.


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First Name: John
Middle Name: B.
Last Name: Wender, New York, New York
Category: Cheaters


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