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John Anthony Wittman Cheaters

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LADIES BEWARE! This guy is a certifiable nut job! The few things he has to his name and he will brag about them are his vintage 1918 Dodge (piece of c**p), a trailer at the river and two crappy old jet ski’s. He is abusive verbally and physically, lies about everything and wouldn’t know the truth if it bit him in the a*s, expresses near manic behavior (one minute calm and the next freaking out), steals from everyone, work included (did from me and he will from you) road rages on everyone, states all of his ex-girlfriends and ex-wife and of course me his second soon “to be” ex-wife are ALL crazy! I have one thing to say to that; “Those pants, his pants, are the same in all of those relationships”. He claims he is a camera operator or TV and film, he actually ONLY pushes the cart that holds the camera and the actual camera operator. One problem, there is about $100,000 a year difference in salary. He loves to name drop to impress people but has nothing to his name. He is approximately $70,000 in back child support for his two children with his ex-wife. Says he’s outgoing, and he will be until he hooks you all he wants to do is lay around the house and watch TV.. He will also shower you with gifts and flowers until he hooks you. With me he was very quick to real me in, within a month., “I love you”, within five months “Marry Me” we were married 13 months after we met, physically shoved me 6 months later, had his a*s arrested January 2011. He was arrested previously for knocking around one of his girlfriends and after he knocked me around his ex-wife told me he did the same to her but she never called the police. In July 2011 he forged my signature on an IRS income tax check and cashed it without my knowledge. He used my car, tore it up and then wouldn’t pay for the repairs, gave away my furniture when he moved in and refused to replace any of it. Entered my house when I was not home and took things that did not belong to him, just so I would know he was here! I am positive he cheated on me, I used to catch him whacking off to p**n constantly and we had s*x 5 times plus a week. He knows I am allergic to nicotine and he would smoke cigarets and then lie to me about it, causing me to have severe allergic reactions. He also verbally abused my 11 yr old daughter calling her a F’n B***h, he also threw her $400 beach cruiser out of the back of his truck and broke it after a camping trip because no one moved fast enough to help him unload the vehicle.

Trust me when I tell you, what his sister and friends told me and I did not listen “RUN”!

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First Name: John
Middle Name: Anthony
Last Name: Wittman
Category: Cheaters


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