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John Adams and Nadiya HomeWreckers

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Date: 5:33 pm

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Im a concerned friend I cannot stand by and see peoples lives goes to waste because of you Nadya Wasruah. This is your numbers you operating from 0097455553453 and 006189660854952.

I know of you for a long time… let me say years, but because we thought it was just a joke. But I cannot believe what is happening to my friend. He is a old man. He will be 61 years .

Get your a young man in your age. Yes all of us in the group is chatting to the ladies and our wifes don’t know. I will stop doing this because I thought about it. It is very wrong.

Facebook –

And you are not the only ladies, he brags about how many he can get and he know what you after…. his wallet. What do think of yourselfs. Now people can really see who you are. I hope you woman open your eyes.

That is all what he thinks about you. I cannot say it here but he is bragging to us his friends what he is doing to you ladies. What other stuff do you still do for this man.

You have destroyed other peoples lives and you keep on doing with men that has wives. What do you think of yourself. Yes he is my friend ant that’s why I am going to tell you to stop with this man. Im in the circle but Im fed up now. I warned him many times.

My Brother John I love you man and I don’t want to see you going down hill because it is what is happening now. it is time to stop. I know you for more than 8 years and what I see is scary. You are using this number to distract people –

0097455518818 and you are using that profile pic on whatsapp of the Quran. Do you know what it means. And you are trying to impress other ladies also. You have other numbers also and You are bragging now of charming this other lady. I think her name is Joane.

Brother Stop it man, you are already a old man. Sorry, once upon a time had respect for you and I admired you but you disappoint me now. You want to impress us young guys but you messing up your life with this s**t. Sorry. I must get this out of my system.

I cannot respect you anymore and if you think that you are the man while we all behind your back. sorry Bro you disappointed me and I cannot respect you anymore. You are sick my Brother, you need help. I am ashamed to say I went along with this sick game.

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Cheater Details

First Name: John
Middle Name: Adams
Last Name: and Nadiya
Category: HomeWreckers


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