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Joe Mazer, Worcester Massachusetts

This narcissist is a true piece of s**t. I met him on a dating site. He told me he was divorced and moved to MA recently from AZ. Told me his ex still lived in AZ and wanted a fresh start. I thought he was great. Well it turns out that he is a total loser. He was still married and living with her. Joe did leave her eventually, and had live webcam s*x with some diseased slampig who was not even half as attractive as I am( I’m not conceited, she was just that ugly) I confronted him about it and he just tried to lie more. He has contacted me again recently to”work things out” … Turns out he just wants me to be the other woman /side piece again. He is dating /possibly engaged to Roxanne Johnson from Vermont. Joe Mazer lies about everything. Being a p**n star,Hells Angels affiliations, you name it. Joe has a profile on almost every dating site. Stay away from him ladies!!!!! If someone knows his current victim Roxanne , tell her to get rid of him and not to believe anything he says. It’s all lies. Men like him are incapable of love or even giving a s**t about anyone but himself…

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