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Joe Gainers STDs and Infections

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Date: 11:50 pm

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JOE is a walking STD. stay FAR FAR away from him. he hiding out in Diego somewheres. he is bad news. he a dirty dirty man and he is a sexual baby making machine. i know he has babies by different gurls he dont even take care of. he will F*** ANYTHING that has a pulse and breathes! it dont matter what the gurl look like she can be sloppy fat. ugly. a hoodrat. a crack head. a jumpoff. a 90 yr old hooker he is down for f****n anyone because he knows he cannot get any pretty attractive women. he is a DOG. he is heavily into group s*x, orgies with men and women he will lick the inside of yo b**t hole clean and drink your p**s (yes–he has rimmed my cuz and her girl several times). he is just NASTY like dat. you can find him on all the s*x websites (as I recently foundt out lol) he has many usernames/identities and private email addresses where he uses them to be different people and pick up gurls so he can get sum booty n his d**k sucked. his sole purpose in life is to F*** girls! He is a liar and a cheat. dont be fooled by his charm ladies. u lay down w*t a dog u wake up w*t fleas. stay away from this sorry excuse for a man!

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First Name: Joe
Middle Name:
Last Name: Gainers
Category: STDs and Infections


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