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Jimmy Simmons, Marion, North Carolina Cheaters

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Date: 4:32 am

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I had been on a dating site and met this man. We spent almost three years together. I have discovered that he had been meeting women on I 40 in North Carolina. He is very sweet, handsome and a true charmer. I have come to the relaxation that he is a narcissist. He preys on women for a sexual addiction and their he checks women out on interstate makes eye contact and next thing you know he has you convinced of pulling over and putting on the charm and getting your phone number. Then over the next few weeks he indulges you with great conversation and the next thing you know is he has you feeling like you are very special to him and you are in bed with him and he is in your bank account.He has no emotional connection to anyone other than what he needs you to believe so he can get what he desires from you. Once you have him figured out he moves on to the next victim. He is also know for having a s*x triangle of 5 or more women at a time. You would never suspect it because his work keeps him traveling quiet often. That you its hard to keep track of where he is. He frequents strip joints. He even hooks up with casual encounters of all sorts on Craigslist. And I mean all sorts…. He is very smart and can deceive the smartest women. He has his game down to an art. He is a professional narcissist. Please be safe out there and do not fall victim to his deceit. He is very convincing.


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First Name: Jimmy
Middle Name: Simmons,
Last Name: Marion, North Carolina
Category: Cheaters

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  1. Posted By: Lacrecia Robertson
    Date: March 9, 2015 3:45 pm

    I know both if these people mentioned and I have know him for 12 years. He is a user and takes advantage of women for s*x and their money. His first love is racing above anything . His own family is not as important to him as racing. He cheated on all three of his wives. He has never been in a relationship that he has been faithful. All the girlfriends or women that he ever hooked up with thought that they were the ones but they truly never meant anything to this man. He uses everybody in his life including men. He is a true charmer and when you meet him you would never imagine him to be so dishonest and a useless piece of carp. He has profiles on all dating sites and hookup sites. He’s on craigslist searching for women, men and transexuals. Yes all of the above. It’s hard to see him use all these women and not be able to warn them. I still can’t wrap my head around the poor last wife he took full advantage of. She is such a beautiful genuine classy woman and how she wound up with this piece of c**p I just don’t get it. When I saw him parading her around town I wanted so badly to warn her. I felt so helpless and guilty that I couldn’t figure out how to contact her. I prayed that she would figure him out or that someone else that met her would have the decency to tell her what kind of guy he really is. He sleeps with 18 year old girls and 65 year old women. He even made a s*x tape with a couple from our home town. He is the most dishonest evil person I have ever known. I don’t know of anyone that has a good thing to day about him in Marion. He portrays himself as a professional business man and a decent respectful man which is a big fat lie. He wants people to think that he is this well know racer. He has never won a race and he always has himself in a huge financial disaster from over spending on a hobby that he really can’t afford to do.he always has excuses for everything that isn’t going right in his life and it’s poor me all the time. He is pretty pathetic once you get to know the real guy behind the image. I have recently seen him with another woman so I guess he is up to his old trucks cheating again. I hope women out there search his name online to find out the real Jimmy Simmons before the get involved with him and become his next victim . Sorry this is so long but I had to my best to warn these innocent women about him.

    • Posted By: Jimmy Simmons
      Date: April 6, 2015 11:01 am

      Hello to everyone that is reading this. This person posting confirmation of knowing Jimmy Simmons does NOT exist by this name and is making false statements with no proof of anything she says. I don’t know this person and all the statements are lies because some women are bitter because they didn’t get to spend their life with me . Including the ex-wife that posted these false statements as cheating. I am not the evil person these women claim me to be. I am a friendly VERY HARD WORKING PERSON and only want a deserving woman to be happy with, live a stress free and healthy life with the perfect woman for me. I am a very picky man that only wants the best woman for me. It takes a long time if ever to find a good woman that is the Real woman she claims to be, not just putting a front and a false face and personality to get the man she wants, only to flip the switch after the hooks have been set and become someone evil and fake that has motives to live free and allow the man to work his a*s off and she do nothing. With all 3 wives I have been USED because I am a VERY HARD Worker and have a Successful business that MANY WOMEN want to be a part of. As the real person unveils itself I decide to move on and NOT deal with the drama and circumstances associated with remaining with this person. Thus the bitter women surface with their evil and damaging comments to destroy me and possibly even my business I have worked very hard 34 yrs to build. Please form your own opinion of THE REAL ME and don’t listen to random comments that anyone can get on here and lie about many things to ruin a persons life. Thanks for reading THE TRUTH AND THE FACTS. Thank you, Sincerely. Jimmy Simmons

  2. Posted By: Fancy Pants
    Date: July 13, 2015 1:37 pm

    I have known Jimmy for many years. I can’t believe he is saying he is perfect. Ladies you need too stay away from this man. If it wasn’t for his 1st wife he would not have the business that he has. His other wife’s and girlfriends that he has had or has. he is only out for money and what they can do for him. If you are looking for a man run from this one. He is a sweet person but he will use you til he gets what you want.

  3. Posted By: Susan
    Date: July 13, 2015 7:19 pm

    Well good day I am
    Susan Simmons and I did post the first post about Jimmy Simmons. We are currently going thru a divorce. I made the first post from the concern of other women. I not only experienced these things with my husband I have the proof to support my statements. I was married for 20 years and my husband passed away with cancer. When I met Jimmy he was the most charming sweet and affectionate man and he knew the grief that had had endured from losing my husband . He also knew being a widow meant money. I own my own business, condo, rental home and primary home which we lived in. I do not need a man to support me. I have excellent credit and my bills are always paid. Did not have any credit card debit. After 2 1/2 years of being with Jimmy I had my credit card maxed out to $10,000.00 a Harley Davidson financed in my name for him and a Toyota Venza financed in my name for him. I have legal papers allowing me to sell the Harley Davidson and the Toyota Venza that would allow me to pay off the credit card debit. I can post the documents to this site if someone wants to view them. I also have a copy of his social profiles that he list himself as bisexual . You could only imagine the hurt and pain of a woman discovering this out about her husband that she has invested everything into her marriage with this man that she only thought that she knew. That’s the mask that has come off. His true charachter is unveiled and my total being of a wife to this man has me grief stricken all over again. It’s like another death that has fallen upon me. I can wrap myself around all these facts. It’s the hardest thing to endure. G*d I wish I would wake up and it would all be a horrible nightmare. But when I finally wake up after being able to sleep a few hours because of all the stress that this has caused me I wake up to face the facts of this reality. I have phone records that prove that he was talking to different women. The women were more compassionate about him being unfaithful that he ever was. He always lied and blamed everyone else for his infidelities. He other two wives were good women and they did not deserve the treatment that that he put them thru. He cheated on both of those women and hurt them so very deeply. His 2nd wife passed away earlier this year and died without an apology from Jimmy. When we found out that she had cancer I encouraged him to make amends with her. But he was too self centered and prideful to admit the wrongs he had done. And she was the person that helped him go into business. She was the back bone to start the company and he wound up with it in the divorce. He brags about his 34 years in business but he has filed bankrutsy twice. That proves how wreck less he is. His credit was so bad that he couldn’t get 0% interest on the Toyota Venza that I financed for him in my name. I could write until morning about all of the stuff this man has done to me. My court papers that I have filed against him is to be honored on July20,2015 which includes an extension of 10 days because he couldn’t attain legal counsel in 30 days because of his finances. He owes me over $80,000.00 that I loaned him for his business in the first year and a half of our marriage . You have got it!!! Before his mask came off and revealed the true man that I was married to. Once I get my divorce I will have the legal papers to prove the extent of this failed marriage. I can post them on here If someone wants to see them or I can scan and email them. If you are interested in this man I would strongly suggest that you contact me and see with your very own eyes the proof. All I ask you to do is please do not take his word that he is genuine. He is a far cry from honest. All you have to do is ask and I will give you all the proof you will need to make your own opinion about this man. Don’t take either of our word look at the hard evidence . My nightmare is finally coming to an end. Hooefully I can collect the money back from him.? I know he has no intention on paying this loan back to me for my retirement account . But I have faith and I believe the truth will prevail. Thank you for listening to the facts of this failed marriage and the grief and sorrow that has been inflected because of this man . Respectfully , Susan Simmons

  4. Posted By: Susan
    Date: July 14, 2015 4:40 pm

    I also want to comment on the other post that was made on here. I don’t know who these people are but after reading both post they are very truthful and I can backup their stories. Thank y’all for your honesty and revealing the truth. G*d Bless you both

    • Posted By: susan simmons
      Date: February 10, 2017 7:16 pm

      update last girlfriend

      • Posted By: susan simmons
        Date: February 10, 2017 7:19 pm

        I will try to attach the update from the last girlfriend hope it shows image.

  5. Posted By: Maggie Brown
    Date: August 17, 2015 3:46 am

    hold on til tojorrow friends. I have tried rwie to post , but running into difficulty,,,, will try again toorrow…

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