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Jim Brewster, Bath, United Kingdom Cheaters

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This married man invited my wife to stay with him when his own wife was away working as a flight attendant. He didn’t stop to think about how I would be seriously hurt by his actions for the rest of my life. He just went ahead, working to distract my wife from our marriage. Now he has got what he wants for himself, through persuading my wife into moving in with him. Because of this, I have lost the most amazing person I could ever know. I’ve also lost two much-respected in-laws, who were like family to me. Of course he won’t admit to any of this being true. Dishonesty, after all, is a key component of cheating. But the more he tries to deny this and the more he tries to sway others, the more those lies will become a false reality which only he himself can believe. But this is the harsh truth. He needs to accept it like a man instead of denying it like a child and think seriously about all the suffering he’s caused. Perhaps then he will have the decency to ask my wife to exit this affair. She is worth far more than being won through the cheap and tacky method of secret dating. That is so disrespectful. True love is built upon a foundation of respect and trust. There are no guarantees in this affair except one: he will cheat on my wife one day as surely as he did with his own. It’s a no-brainer; a recurrence waiting to happen, with more suffering down the line…

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First Name: Jim
Middle Name: Brewster,
Last Name: Bath, United Kingdom
Category: Cheaters


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