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Jessie James Avalos Cheaters

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This guy is a “special” person….but easy to catch him in his lies. He forgets that he says one thing and tries another story,when you try to tell him that he told you something else,he calls you crazy! He is controlling and tries to make you think that black is white and white is black. He is very manipulative and “sneaky”… He thinks it’s ok for him to do things but it’s not ok for you to do the same e.g. shut your cell phone off if you leave the house, or take off somewhere without telling him where you’re going.. but he does it all the time..He is a maintenance man with property management companies for apartment complexes and is in and out of women’s apartments all day…He is a meth addict and you know what that does to a mans p***s…it’s like rocket fuel for them. When I don’t give him s*x while on meth,he disappears at work the next day and shuts his cell off. When questioned, he says he was doing something in a certain apartment #, then two days later he tells me he has to do the same thing in that same apartment…What’s that about? Sounds like he’s covering something up…Well I say “a man who has nothing to hide usually hides nothing” …he’s gotten voice mail with Love songs in the background (no voices), and he even brought home a C.D. that someone made for him that says “for Jessie, Cause you are loved” when I asked who gave it to him, he said his little sister, but i know for a fact that the writing on the C.D. is not hers…He is very sneaky, he lies alot, even to his 2 boys, and he has a thing for hookers i found out accidentally. He accidentally admitted he had a hooker with his brother one day when he was working with him,he told me it was in South Central and he was doing electrical work,he said he and his brother did the hooker in the apartments main hallway bathroom…Well, he forgot that he was still with me then, because he took me to the job site the second day of the job…I will admit he is a wonderful Lover,but BEWARE LADIES!!! He will manipulate you, and make you think he loves you just to get you where he wants you…He was also caught having Dinner with his boss, they were almost sitting on each others laps, and his arm around her… when I walked in, he acted like nothing,and quickly moved his arm, he said he wasn’t having dinner, they were just getting something to eat….ya, I’ll bet those were his intentions after the restaurant incident…She is another one to watch out for, she has an ol’man and she will try to take yours so beware of a woman who is an Apartment manager named Nona…. That is all I am saying…. Beware of them both…

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Cheater Details

First Name: Jessie
Middle Name: James
Last Name: Avalos
Category: Cheaters


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