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Jessica Bryant, Gulf Breeze, Florida

Jessica was a f*** buddy to my now husband before we met. He cut her off when we started seeing each other. She didn’t like that and threatened to kill herself if he did not continue to “hang out” with her. Every time he tried to cut it off, she’d make the same threat and he would fall for it. He told her he was no longer going to talk to her because I found her number in his phone. She got him a phone and paid for a plan and used the same line….boo hoo I’m going to kill myself…if he didn’t use the phone. He was sent to Denver for a class, so she bought herself a ticket and followed him down there. She came to my house while he worked on a vehicle. She invited herself INSIDE my home to “use the bathroom” and took selfies of herself inside. She finally gave up and moved back in with mommy and daddy in Gulf Breeze Florida when she realized he wasn’t leaving me for her after we were married. Her parting gift was a long email to me with pictures describing their affair. She was so very proud to be a w***e with lol’s and “ouch”es. Her last words to me were…you have my number if you need anymore screenshots or anything (for the divorce). The stress she put on me caused me to lose my baby. I hope she is very proud of herself. Watch out, women of Gulf Breeze….this one will manipulate your husbands like a champ! The picture attached is her in MY home with MY dog while I am at work.

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