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Jesse Whitson, Cincinnati, OH, USA Cheaters

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I met Jesse on and eventually met in person out for dinner. He will tell you he is single and wants to be with only one person, and is looking for the person he wants to spend the rest of his life with. At first everything will seem pretty good, he will treat you differently then most men and get you thinking he is a good guy. He will see you about every other day if not every day for a while, then it will start to be only every couple days. Then he will start to make up an excuse not to see you last minute when you already had plans to be together. Along with not hearing from him much during the day or certain hours of the day. He will tell you his dad just died and try and get you to feel sorry for him and that he has to be there to take care of the rest of his family. In the end he really just uses you for s*x and might even try and get you pregnant because he doesnt use protection and will e*******e inside of you, without your permission. He is bi-polar and gets mad at the slightest things. Eventually I found out he was cheating on his girlfriend with me, having 2 girlfriends. This guy is a total *ss hole and is a CHEATER! Look out ladies!

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Cheater Details

First Name: Jesse
Middle Name: Whitson,
Last Name: Cincinnati, OH, USA
Category: Cheaters


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