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Jerry Adam Ryan Cheaters

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When you meet him, you will think you met your soul mate. He tells you everything from you are perfect, amazing and most attractive woman he’s ever dated. He says he wants to marry you, have kids with you and he even tries to get you to rearrange your life to ready yourself for a relationship. For example, he wanted me to relocate and get a new job/apartment/leave my family. However, while he is playing the prince charming role, you begin seeing behind the player scene as he stands you up, plays you for s*x and begins asking you to show up at his house for booty calls. He sleeps with four women a week and has slept with thousands. Each person he lies to, hurts and keeps hanging on. He has never had a stable relationship. He is a racists, vulgar, uses women for money, constantly in fights, very volatile and neurotic. For example, he recently punched a hole in my refrigerator. After he is done with you, he leaves you stranded with his best friend. All of his ex’s sleep with his best friend according to sources – it didn’t work with me but they will tell you that Jake is way out of your league and you need to set your sites lower. He leaves you heartbroken for his friend to “comfort” and it’s a disgusting act. He will never tell you the truth. He preys on women going through hardships with low self-esteems and he has met many on dating websites. He did not wear a condom. He was forceful in bed. If you meet this guy, keep going.

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First Name: Jerry
Middle Name: Adam
Last Name: Ryan
Category: Cheaters


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