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Jerrica Aldridge, Houston, Texas Cheaters

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Date: 3:50 pm

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Do you have Jereica on your Facebook? If you do chances are you have read about how someone has wronged her or about someone she dislikes this week because all this girl posts is drama. She should run a drama blog about how misfortune keeps finding her in the form of terrible people but she is never to blame. She is constantly calling girls sloots and slores then turning around and crying about a girl calling her a sloot. When jerrica calls a girl a sloot it is a 100 percent accurate but when a girl calls jerrica a sloot it is out of pure Jealousy and hating. It is a pattern for this girl to be a victim in some drama whilst talking s**t about people and picking fights. Jerrica has s*x with this tall skinny dude, Andrew who talks s**t about her behind her back calling her a gross snaggled tooth sloot. This girl is a disaster, she’s all over the place in some kind of drama, if you know her I’m sure you’ve already figured this out but for people who haven’t, it’s simple Jerrica does drugs but she is not a drug addict, you are. Jerrica f*k guys who aren’t her boyfriend but she’s not a sloot, you are. Jerrica starts fights with people but it’s not her fault, it’s yours. Jerrica innocent, you are piece of trash who caused turmoil in her life. Jerrica is a grade A lunatic.

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First Name: Jerrica
Middle Name: Aldridge,
Last Name: Houston, Texas
Category: Cheaters


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