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Jeremy Neimeister, Columbus, Ohio Cheaters

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Date: 12:55 pm

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3 years into our relationship i found that Jeremy Neimeister was cheating with a co-worker named Carly Ann at the daycare they worked at in hilliard. I forgave him. We got married a year later. After a year of marriage I got pregnant with twins! Great, we’ve always talked about having a family. He even talked about wanting twins. 3 weeks of paternity leave he goes back to work and meets a girl named Amanda Thomas who I guess was new. They start their affair right away. He stayed late at work then one night wouldn’t come home claiming all of the sudden he wasn’t happy. This came as a shock since all he talked about when we were together was how happy he was and how much he loved me. Babies were only 2 months old when he moved out. I saw texts between them. I found plenty of receipts from their expensive dates. Found out about the pink lillies he bought her…after he moved out he soon made their relationship public. We are still married and he has not tried to get divorced a year later. He told people I cheated on HIM. yeah…married, thought I was in love, recovering from c-section from having our twins and I’m going to cheat? He told me he wished I had an abortion and he hasn’t been in his kids lives at all. He didn’t even want to help with money. He threatened me when I took $150 to try to pay a bill. While hes out buying $100 a night in bars. I know this because we had joint bank account. I had to get child support. Also he gets really aggressive. Punched a few holes in walls, pushed me and threatened to punch me while holding a baby.

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Cheater Details

First Name: Jeremy
Middle Name: Neimeister,
Last Name: Columbus, Ohio
Category: Cheaters


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