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Jennifer Fortune the next Lorena Bobbitt Misc.

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Date: 7:41 pm

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I’m posting on behalf of my buddy of several years. His wife, Jennifer Fortune is pure chaos. She’s the Modern day annoying “Karen” in the community who sits on social media all day judging others because she’s completely worthless and has no substance of life. She’s cheated numerous times with Nasty truck drivers and Amazon deliverers that pass through Bristol just to feel a little life in herself. When she gets angry at her husband she threatens to kill him while he’s asleep and dismember him. This b***h needs a wake up call. Snarl tooth Jennifer should leave her poor husband and put him out of his misery. No one likes you Jennifer Fortune of Bristol Rhode Island.

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First Name: Jennifer
Middle Name: Fortune
Last Name: the next Lorena Bobbitt
Category: Misc.


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