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Jenna Rae Hatfield, Waldorf, Maryland HomeWreckers

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My husband and I got married October 14, 2011 and had our beautiful baby girl 6 months after the wedding. Come to find out 3 months after our daughter was born the HOMEWRECKER decided she wanted my husband. So this is how it began. My husband and the HOMEWRECKER work the same shifts on the road but for different agency’s. With that said when there’s a call they both respond. My husband, dealing with what most all new parents deal with no sleep, minimal s*x due to having a caesarean, and stress. Miss Jena Hatfield seeing that my husband is not his usually happy go lucky self starts slivering her way in like a nasty a*s snake. First it starts with chatting more on the scenes, then it moves to texting and “chatting “he “said about life and work (she got him ), Im sure sexting to, going to lunch and or dinner after calls. With being a COP and a ranking officer they always are on the phone, having to deal with the courts the lower ranking officers and the upper ranking officers. I really didn’t pay attention to his phone usage, plus I was busy with our new born. Then November 19, 2012 one Month after our One year anniversary. He tells me he is going to New Jersey for police training. He would only be there for one night. No biggie, he said he was going to take my car since he was only going for one night and it would save gas compare to his truck. FINE. He came home we lived a happy little life together s*x is great, we are great. and Boom my world changes…I hear a saying and for some reason I decided to post on Facebook, The grass is not always greener on the other side. Of course a ton of likes BUT I received a private message from a Charles County Deputy( Shift partner of the HOMEWRECKER). saying he needs to talk to me its very important and that it cannot wait he is leaving for Afghanistan in a week. So of course I meet him and he tells me how he THINKS that my husband and Jena are having s*x. He knows they have been talking on the phone and texting for a long time now and its more then friends. So What do I do. Dig for more information. I call my husband telling him I know he is cheating on me with Jena Hatfield and that I have already talked to her and she told me everything. (which of course is a lie) and I want to know his side of the story before I go home and destroy all his belonging and kick him out. LOL the dumb a*s comes clean tells me yes they have had s*x and even said he took her to NEW JERSEY in my F**king car to get a hotel room to have s*x. The training was just a lie. This HOMEWRECKING W***E knew we were newly married, JUST had a baby and knew she was in my F**KING CAR. So after talking to him I called her and of course she would not talk to me. She told me she was working and had nothing to say. You’re a f**king Charles County Cop all you do is sit in your car and pull people over when you feel like it. You stupid B***H. Grow b***s you f**king Homewrecking w***e cause you don’t mind f**king my husbands b***s do you? So Now he is begging me back. He told me they are done. If he’s called to a call she is on he will have someone else go in his place. blah blah blah…So now my life is turned upside down, they still work together. She has moved on to another Cop to screw so who knows.

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First Name: Jenna
Middle Name: Rae
Last Name: Hatfield, Waldorf, Maryland
Category: HomeWreckers


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