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Jenna Paige, Mirabel, Quebec, Canada – She is a serial cheater. Cheaters

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Jenna uses and misleads everyone around her including her own family and her friends. She convinces men that she is a hard working, caring, and loyal person.

The reality is that Jenna has no scruples at all in regards to who she hurts, abuses and lies to. She will tell a man she wants to get married, have a family, own a home and any number of other lies in order to keep him around.

Her most recent relationship ended in complete disaster when her fiancee found out that she had been sleeping with three different men at the same time while she claimed to be loyal and love her fiancee. When he confronted her about it she tried to claim it was a lie and that she wouldnt do things like that, and that they were just conversations she was having with other men.

The reality is someone emailed her former fiancee all of her facebook messages, emails, and her text logs from her phone to him. The messages that had pictures included in them of her naked proved her affairs that she had on the go behind her fiancees back for nearly three years. She has admitted to cheating on her previous boyfriend before her fiancee too.

She is a serial cheater. She was having affairs with a guy named William Sim, and David Soucie as well as a third man that has not been identified.

Now as of 2013 she is currently misleading a man named Paul O’Neil from London Ontario

She was last known to be living in the Mirabel, Quebec region and is often seen in and around the Lachute Quebec area, St. Canut, St. Colomban areas.

Men be warned and stay away from this woman. She will betray you if you date her. She will then lie to everyone and try to blame the man.

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Cheater Details

First Name: Jenna
Middle Name: Paige,
Last Name: Mirabel, Quebec, Canada – She is a serial cheater.
Category: Cheaters


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