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Jeffrey Scott Beckerman of Short Hills NJ is a sexual pervert who molested his little sister Predators and Perverts

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Jeffrey Scott Beckerman of Short Hills, NJ is a sick sexual pervert and molested his 10 year old sister. Jeffrey is a sick sexual pervert who is enabled by his wife Wendy Beckerman. Jeff has a history of molestation and his wife doesn’t seem to care as long as she can continue her always dreamed of Short Hills lifestyle. Wendy even turns a blind eye to Jeff getting into bed with their high school daughter at night to “read.” And she turns a blind eye to Jeff’s sick flirting with their daughter Annie Beckerman’s friends. Jeff is an insecure coward who is incredibly socially awkward which is why he goes for young girls as they can’t tell how strange he is. Jeff has never been able to make any decisions for himself and has always had to have his daddy tell him how to live his life, including telling Jeff that he needed to become a lawyer. The reason why Jeff’s father made him become a lawyer was because he knew that on his own Jeff would never be successful at anything so he made Jeff become a lawyer and made him a partner in his firm so he could pay Jeff a salary because Jeff would be incapable of supporting himself. Jeff and Wendy couldn’t even come up their own name for their son, so they used the same name that his sister had used to name her son. Jeff is incapable of making his own decisions. Jeff did become an ambulance chaser as his father dictated, but a very incompetent and unethical one, and he has been censured for unethical practices. Now that his daddy has died, Jeff is changing careers and guess what this sick pervert is going to become….Right, a teacher!!!!! So now, this sick pervert/dirty old man is going to have a classroom filled with potential victims for him to molest. Sadly, Jeff’s entire family including his kids, enable Jeff’s sick behavior. But understand that Jeff is a sick sexual pervert, has a history of sexual molestation and being physically abusive, he is unethical, incompetent, a coward and socially awkward, not to mention, Jeff Beckerman is a dirty old man.

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First Name: Jeffrey
Middle Name: Scott
Last Name: Beckerman of Short Hills NJ is a sexual pervert who molested his little sister
Category: Predators and Perverts


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