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Jeffrey D. Arrowood

I was in a relationship with Amanda Polk for 2 and 1/2 years. I knew Jeffrey Arrowood through social media for over 3 years. They started communicating 6 months before I ended the relationship and actually met in Orlando and Fort Walton Beach for a weekend rendezvous. I was in Colorado Springs during this time but Amanda ended up telling me that they were just f*** buddies. Now she’s claiming that he is her attorney and represents her and I asked her who sleeps with their attorney and who goes on a cruise with their attorney as well as Busch Gardens, dining, Dave & Buster’s, in a array of other locations. I might add here that I’m a private investigator and I knew before she told me exactly what she had done. Both Jeffrey Arrowood and Amanda Polk are liars, cheaters and betrayers. Jeffrey Arrowood was actually on a cruise with his former girlfriend when he broke the news to her that it was over. The guy has no clue and no class.

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  1. Michael Brad Sparkman suffers from mental illness, he just entered a plea to a violation of a stalking injunction in Hillsborough County FL case number 18-CM-004918A its public record.

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