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Jeff Ber Calgary Alberta Canada is a cheater

Jeff ber is a sexual predator on the loose. He takes advantage of young native drug addicts and get them to do nasty stuff. Jeff ber is a poor execute for a man. Also not only is Jeff Ber a psycho, he is a convicted fellon. He was charged with fraud and bribes while he was working in TD Securities as a financial advisor. Makes me wonder how could a pathetic person and sick minded like Jeff Ber get a job at TD Securities in Canada Alberta.

When he defrauded TD Securities customers out of millions and receiving bribes from companies like Black Energy in Calgary Canada to steel money and sell shares unlawfully to customers, he admitted to it in a heart beat as if he is proud!

He was charged and fired, but he is still hurting his loved ones by cheating on them and getting them sexually transmitted diseases STDs..

Stay away from Jeff Ber in Calgary Canada

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