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Jean Kingbird Cheaters

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This ‘person’ has a devious way of interfering in other people’s relationships. Any man that isn’t personally giving her d**k is a target for her schemes. Standard operating procedure is for her to be kind to a guys face while getting in with any female friends they have so that she can do more damage. BTW, if you want to read some trully horrid ‘writing’, check out the third site. “Iceblade” can be downloaded for free there, but it’s still something of a rip-off (unless you enjoy literary torture). If you would like to see exactly how this creature lives, it can be visited at 17680 42nd Street New Germany MN 55367 Something to watch out for if you drop by- Child Services looks in quite a bit (wonder why?), so in order to not interfere with the exhibit, please limit your contact with this specimen. Also- If anyone knows how to get in touch with her ex, Mike, please leave a note here. I have some information that he might find very useful. Who knows, maybe we can even get him to share some of his horror stories about this creature.

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First Name: Jean
Middle Name:
Last Name: Kingbird
Category: Cheaters


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