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Jaylin Jabbar Richard Cheaters

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There is not enough time or words to describe this little boy. Two years together with this LIEING, CHEATING, DEAD BEAT thieve. He could murder someone and get away with it, it takes knowing him personally to a T to know when he’s telling the truth or lieing. Half the time it’s still hard to tell if he is telling the truth. Stole my prescription medications, money, parents belongings, expensive game systems, ipods, iphones, cheated on me the past five months while I’m currently 8 months pregnant with our son. He has played no part in this pregnancy or this child’s life, shows no concern or remorse. He has mentally abused me to the point of controlling my every move. He is the biggest mentally abusive man I think I’ve known. He has f****d with my head telling me h**l kill himself if I leave him. Giving STDS of all sorts. He lives like a disgusting filthy animal. Goes around tell other females he is single, and has no baby. Would rather spend every dime on skanky whores for a night of drugs and s*x. Heroin, meth, acid haa you name it! Hasnt supported his child in anyway shape or form. Has not done anything for the mother of his child. Ladies watch out we have a real man on our hands, Don’t get knocked up by him it runs in his blood line too, older brother has 5+ baby mommahs, ex wife (he’s 23) also knocked up two other females while his wife was pregnant with their second child…. he has serious mental illness, behavior is off the wall. At first he acts like a Nice Shy polite young man, you’ll soon find out he’s a psychotic unusual human being. Beats himself in his head, destroys property such as, punching holes in walls, tearing up cars, you name it. Dirty living, bed bugs. He’s a I say I’ll do this but doesn’t follow through type of person. Good intentions but doesn’t ever do anything to show for his talk. If he takes you out once you’ll owe him for the rest of his life. You will do exactly what he says or get mentally f****d with. It’s his way or the high way. He is a Mommys BOY TO THE FULL EXTENT, his mom will step in his relationship every five minutes. Tells him who to date, who she likes, and she’ll do sneaky s**t to f**k with the girlfriends. If your if the opposite race you’ll never be apart of their family. Money is always an issue he has to give his mom all his money or she’ll freak out. His mother is a yellow belly cop calling Cincinnati b***h. Will press charges after she harassed you first through text messaging. Will call you yell at you over phone, show up at your house banging on your door at 3 in the morning waking you up. Sending cops to look for her 19 year old son. These people are horrible! Don’t trust a richard for anything, there all dicks!!!

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First Name: Jaylin
Middle Name: Jabbar
Last Name: Richard
Category: Cheaters


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