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Jaune Sipe HomeWreckers

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My husband travels out of town for work a lot. I started noticing that he was guarding his phone bills about 7 months after he started his new job. I tried looking at his Facebook account but had no luck with that. As his trips lasted longer and longer I continued to wonder and he continued to always have some excuse that seemed to fit. One day I had to use his computer as mine was down with a virus and not useable. He got an email from a Jaune Sipe talking about meeting up when he comes to town again. I felt my stomach flip and grabbed the garbage to hurl.

The next day I called our cell phone company and ordered a copy of all the activities on both our phones. Three weeks later I was horrified to see that this had been going on for the entire year whenever he took trips to The Dalles, Oregon. We live in Ohio so I can’t just walk up and knock on her door! I asked my husband about her and after a huge 2 hour fight about it he finally spilled the beans and admitted to having s*x with her, and apparently there are many others that she is s******g as well. This woman is the true essence of a home wrecking s**t. I can’t even say she is attractive either; I have no idea why my husband was s******g her.

We are now divorced and I have our 5 children with me and am working to support them as best I can. I am still haunted by this woman’s audacity. She target’s married men as some kind of conquest to get them to cheat and somehow manages to get them to. I am still crying over this today. If a woman like this can destroy a once happy home then what hope do any of us have to find happiness. I have learned that no one is safe and will not be opening myself up to this kind of painful situation again. She should burn in h**l! She deserves no happiness here on this earth. Anyone and everyone beware! If your husband travels to The Dalles, Oregon or any surrounding cities watch out this woman is heartless, just ask my kids.

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First Name: Jaune
Middle Name:
Last Name: Sipe
Category: HomeWreckers


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