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Jason Napier, Georgia Cheaters

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HJMS Teacher Jason Napier is an Adulterer and pathetic, fat, loser. He cheated on his loving wife Sarah and dishonored her, their son, and his entire family. He lied and manipulated a cheap s**t that, to her only credit, was suffering from manic depression and stress. Her name is DeAnna Austin. In DeAnna’s company, Jason made fun of his wife…often calling her disrespectful names and making fun of everything she is. Jason is a selfish, controlling, and self centered egomanic that often times alters his personality to placate the gullible personalities of colleagues, students, and nieghbors. He is a man without honor and is a coward. When I asked him to meet his mistress’s husband for a face-to-face he said he was too afraid…Too afraid?! He wasn’t even man enough to say “I’m sorry”. He is just a immoral, fat, pathetic loser with a very small p***s (If you dont believe it…dare him to show it too you). For further verification that I intimately know him, consider these facts: He was a male cheerleader in college (Carson-Newman in Jefferson City, TN) and has 2 tattoos — A faded superman symbol and a “T” (he’s a big UT fan). He secretly hates teaching black kids and I would never recommend letting him teach your child, let alone allow him to influence them in a controlled environment like at Herschel Jones Middle School.

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First Name: Jason
Middle Name: Napier,
Last Name: Georgia
Category: Cheaters


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