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Jason Louis Murphy, Folsom, CA, USA Cheaters

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This is for Jason. Jason approached me on Facebook, and we started to get to know each other. He told me he was divorced and that he had a kid, which was fine with me. He didn’t divulge the fact that he was an alcoholic, and that he wasn’t actually divorce, just separated. He claimed that he hadn’t been in a relationship for a long time, which wasn’t true, and that he was looking for a long term situation with someone who could be a good stepmother for his daughter. All of that sounded really good until I actually got to know him. He was the worst kind of alcoholic there could be, outside of physically abusing someone or sexually abusing someone. He would drink and then drive while he was at work, or while they were people in the car with him. Truly frightening stuff. The moment we started talking his sobriety, he changed. He started to be more of an a*******, and I started finding things out that were not as kosher as I would have liked to have been. We started dating in September and in November I found that he had been talking with women on POF the whole time. He claims that it was his neighbor trying to get women using his pictures, but I knew better because the messages that he was sending back and forth where the kind of messages that I know he would write. Jokes that he’s been telling the last week or so where jokes he was sending out excetera excetera. I even found a cheat sheet in his wallet listing names of women that he was talking to and where he was talking to them at, and my name was on there with a question mark.

We’d only dated 5 months. And he kept falling off the wagon, and lying about it, and it ultimately ended because one night he decided to tell me that he was just not interested in s*x anymore. During the 5 months we didn’t have s*x because he said that because he was in his mother’s house, his daughter was there, excuse after excuse after excuse. But this particular night he said he just wasn’t interested in s*x anymore, he had the s*x drive, but he loved me and he wanted to continue having a life with me. I finally just asked so why do you not want to have s*x ever again? Ultimately it was because he found me too fat. 2 days later, I’m still talking to him, I’m still trying to get over the hurt of him telling me that I was too fat to have s*x with, & I found out that he was at his ex wife’s house. Again, not really his ex wife because they’re still married. When I call him up I asked him what the h**l’s going on, because it sounded like I was on speaker phone and he’s not saying anything. He says, and this is a direct quote, I am at my wife’s house and I’m happy here. I can tell he’s drunk, again. And I tell him that I’ll just come and get my stuff and that’s it.

The next couple of days I don’t hear from him, I don’t hear from him at all. And then finally when I go to get my stuff he won’t let me in the house. 10 minutes worth of work stretches out to about an hour. And on top of that he tells me that he didn’t want any finality to the situation but that seems to be what I’m going for. I told him through text, because he wouldn’t talk to me face to face or talk to me on the phone, that the moment he decided to go to her and drink and do what he knew he shouldn’t be doing, that was what made it final.

I don’t want anybody else to fall for the I want long term, I am a single person doing the best I can, b******* that he seems to fall back on. He’s lazy, he’s unemployed, his mother pays for everything, and he will suck the love out of someone. He doesn’t take care of his daughter the way he should and he’s running his poor mother ragged.

Stay away from him.

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First Name: Jason
Middle Name: Louis
Last Name: Murphy, Folsom, CA, USA
Category: Cheaters

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  1. Posted By: Amy
    Date: June 1, 2016 10:33 am

    Oh my g*d I met this guy on Tinder!! We talked and texted daily for about a month, went on 2 dates, and then he totally ghosted me memorial day weekend!!! He blocked me on facebook and ignored my messages. I figured something weird was up with him, because nothing seemed wrong. Thank G*d I never slept with him. I am so sorry you went thru all of that. That is f*****g crazy!

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