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Jared Gulke Cheaters

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Don’t be fooled by his gentle disposition. He continually uses the internet to find new girls to have ‘fun’ with. When you start talking to him, his intentions would seem completely innocent – unlike most internet predators who instantly go into trying to be sexual. He gains your trust by trying to ‘get to know you’. He appears to be a complete gentleman, who sees Dean Martin as his idol and every situational question you ask he will give you an ideal answer. As a woman, anything you always wanted to hear from a man – he will say in any situation possible. Once he isn’t with you, he will ignore you completely. He’s still in love with his ex girlfriend, but will not admit it. In fact, he will lie about everything and anything necessary to keep you in an illusion that he is the one for you. Yet, he talks to multiple girls at the same time, talking to them as if he was interested in spending the rest of his life with them. When I say multiple, I do not mean two or even five. I mean anything between 10-20. When you discuss the fact that he is distant when he’s not physically with you (and therefore having s*x), he’ll make up an excuse about the Marines. The other weekends he isn’t spending with you, it’s most likely that he is spending that time with another one of the girls he’s picked up from facebook/myspace/what-have-you. Don’t fall for his act. Besides being in the USMC, there’s nothing honest about this guy. On the other hand, if you’re looking for a rebound and want to have s*x with a guy who pretends to care about you and succeeds at fooling you, give him a call or drop him an email. He’ll take up on your offer without question.

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First Name: Jared
Middle Name:
Last Name: Gulke
Category: Cheaters


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