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Janier Abascal, Hialeah, Florida Cheaters

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Date: 7:19 am

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We were in a two year relationship when he proposed. Soon after we discovered I was pregnant. He left me December 23. Never have seen him again. He has called a few times threatening me to stay away from him and his family. We have a five month old son who he has never met and has no interest in meeting. Also has not given anything towards support. What hurts most is my daughter knew him as her father and still cries for him. Amazing that he just got up and walked away from it all. Girls, he may seem like a nerdy gamer who has no game. But apparently he is a coward and has no problem getting you pregnant and running. Btw according to him I am not the first girl he has gotten pregnant. Careful ladies!

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First Name: Janier
Middle Name: Abascal,
Last Name: Hialeah, Florida
Category: Cheaters


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