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Janicee Bulik, Chicago, Illinois Cheaters

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Date: 9:46 pm

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Janicee pretends to be the victims of all her problems. After her boyfriend the baby daddy cheated, she decided to cheat too, but lied about it. While she was f*****g her now ex that was with someone else, she would date other guys and even guys who had girlfriends too. She’d invite these men to her mothers house and f**k them without protection, so she gave some of them an STI. She made her daughter meet these guys she barely knew too and claimed she was so in love, but she was f*****g several guys at the same time. Once She had a new boyfriend after f*****g someone else’s boyfriend and lying about it, she was still f*****g her baby daddy during everything. The poor boyfriend did everything for her! She got kicked out of her house for being a w***e but he took her in then got upset when he dumped her. The baby daddy and her got back together days after the break up and now she acts like nothing happened and that she’s a “queen.” but everyone should know what monster she really is. Her Facebook is Janicee Bulik email [email protected] and she has an Instagram too Ladyastral1523 along with her tumblr chibipearl2115. Help me get what cheaters and liars deserve! She needs to be exposed for lying!

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Cheater Details

First Name: Janicee
Middle Name: Bulik,
Last Name: Chicago, Illinois
Category: Cheaters


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