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James M Foggarty Cheaters

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This man is disgusting, claims he’s divorced when I’m pretty sure that he had another child with his so called ex wife Vicky in 2010 (only recently found out about it), he claimed she was in a mental place at the time.. he’s told me different things about his “ex” that she’s abusive, he only married her because she was pregnant with his kid, he claims she attacked him one particular time and he shoved her off and broke her collar bone, there’s other things but I’ll leave those until another time. This man has been promising to come and see me for the past 6 years but never has and with every excuse that you can think of, every time I tried to knock it on the head he would want to sort things out. I was trying for three years to dump him. He claims he has mental issues and will play on them to make you feel worse, he twists things so everything is your fault, he won’t hold his hands up to things he does wrong. It’s his kids I feel sorry for, the amount of times he’s let them down without battering an eyelid, apparently one of his kids even asked if he still loved him! He’s been into trouble with the police and claims he’s only told me and his parents about the things he’s been in trouble for. Last year his moods get worse, he acts more and more weird until September 2013 when he ignored me for two months for no reason, he then contacts me in the November and accuses me of saying and doing things that I haven’t. I’m pretty sure if I had then I’d know and I’d admit to it. Then he disappears for two weeks with the excuse he’s having problems mentally, I send him a parcel to cheer him up, like an idiot, there was nothing expensive in there as I don’t have the money but I never heard from him again. I hear that he’s all over his so called “ex” again LOL. Well all I can say is more fool her for letting him walk all over her, he lives with his parents and dumps her with the kids. Talk about having your cake and eating it. This guy is a borderline narcissist, he is not healthy and has made my mental health worse than what it was to begin with. He preys on vulnerable people because he thinks he can get away with it. If you say anything to the “ex” she runs off and tells him and he spouts out a load of c**p and tries to make the person who is trying to warn her look bad or look like a liar. I do have a picture of him but I need to find it, I’ve deleted most other things to do with him which were a bit crude. I will add that he always told me that he loved me.

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First Name: James
Middle Name: M
Last Name: Foggarty
Category: Cheaters


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