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Narcissistic sociopath. Fake on all levels. Jim loves playing the victim and to gaslight people. He dehumanized and belittles everyone. He has no friends. He is obsessed with b********y and only uses chaterbate like sites for stimulation. He lied about EVERYTHING. He pretends he is doing something nice for people , and says this so he can go off alone and then does something not even relevant to what he says he is doing AND THEN will tell u that u heard him wrong. He is a gross piece of s**t human being who thinks he is so cool… he even puts his stupid car in nuetral at lights, and lughyly takes foot of brake so he rools back a bit to make it look like he is in a standard. He pretends to be a high roller but has NEVER HELD DOWN A JOB for more than 3 years, and blames everyone around him for why. He recently had his mustang AND truck repossessed and tells people his wife sold the car behind his back and his trucks transmission went again. And his poor wife. He was telling her was paying all the bills when really he was giving me money so he could make p**n with my one hog and Doberman pincher, and try sell it. He is such a loser. Pathological and manipulative , abusive and then traps his wife, for hours. His kids are all kinda effed up because him and his wife are both out of their minds. Both his sons would watch their mother m********e. And Jim says she is a good mother…. may be why they both kill animals to fun.
The unsettling thing here is that Jim is sober. He is the worst human being I have seen yet and I have known some doozies, and his delusions and actions are all done without any type of narcotic or alcohol at all. Clearly a delusional freak. But I guess what do u expect from some short diseased (herpes) animal effer, with the username D3ranged. Gamer extrordinaire, who barely ever showers and is the most greedy little slime ball one will ever regret knowing.

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First Name: JAMES
Middle Name: CLIFFORD
Category: Predators and Perverts

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  1. Posted By: Satan of Laura
    Date: November 10, 2018 3:28 am

    Well well Rebecca Lynn McDonald of Saskatoon writing about your husband we’re telling more lies while we talk about your meth head use is sociopath you’re a thief and live on welfare deliver the dirty old man Bill Schmidt 37 Ramsey Court Saskatoon you steal copper with Larry and Colin Johnson you buy drugs from the guy you have s*x with continuously Rick you’re never allowed to see your children your own family disowned you you want to put that spew your Sanibel your husband over there you ripped everybody off in your life you have no one in your life you screwed me over you screwed everyone over you’re more on Google search than any human being you are a trash bag loves attention and lies about everything soon as your mom open your mouth it’s a lie that’s okay because your You’re a Rat you run to the cops try to get off at charges you report anybody for anything claim your involved in the H**l’s Angels all you do is smoke meth and think you’re all that you’re worn out hooker and nobody wants and you just go around trying to destroy people’s lives good luck with that you s***k

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