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James Bronoske Cheaters

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James is GAY! He will cheat on you with a man! Why doesn’t he just be with men, you ask? Because he needs a cover up for his ultra-conservative family. He is remorseless and women are objects to be used by him. He has admitted that he used his last girlfriend of five years to hide being gay and that he plans to do it to another woman as soon as possible. He’s a charmer, and a manipulator. He’ll tell you whatever you want to hear, buy you nice things, act like the sweetest guy in the world. If you’re suspicious, he might tell you that he’s gone to counseling to ‘become straight.’ (such a thing exists but has been proven to not work) but it is most likely that he will never tell you he’s had s*x with men at all. But never forget that while he does and says these things, he is living a secret life, meeting men off the internet to have casual s*x with and frequenting gay bars. He will work very hard to make you love him so that he can live his secret life in peace. He does not practice safe s*x with these men, so your health will be at risk. When you discover him, he will tell you you are disgusting and ugly and whine about how he’s justified in doing this because “it’s hard to be gay.” He will then tell of his his family and friends nasty lies about you and the ‘terrible things’ you did to him, so everybody thinks poorly of you and thinks he is the victim of the break up. This is bad enough, but he also abuses alcohol, can’t hold a steady job or perform in school, and lies to his parents to extract money from them. (Which is why he needs a cover up…if they find out he’s gay, they will stop unintentionally supporting his playboy lifestyle.) James feels he is entitled to anything he wants without working for it and thinks very highly of himself. Please stay away from James! James has gone to several community colleges, including Bellevue Community College and North Seattle Community College. He claims he is attending the University of Washington, but is not actually accepted by the U. James is taking one extra curricular course in the music program at the University of Washington. Despite his poor academic record, James claims to have ambitious goals of going into music, law or medicine. (Girls like to hear these things — be careful!) James is active in the Greek System and might especially look for a girl in a sorority to use. Keep an eye out for him Seattle girls!

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First Name: James
Middle Name:
Last Name: Bronoske
Category: Cheaters


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