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Jada Pitre — Winnipeg, Canada

This ugly cat fish is Jada Pitre. You can beat her up 55 times and she’ll still talk s**t. She’s the most judgemental and rudest b***h I know. My own mom doesn’t like her, and my momma likes everyone 😂 She’s the biggest troll cat fish you would ever meet. She’s not pretty in person what so ever and I always thot by fb and insta pics she’d have an a*5… I went to high school with Jada in Selkirk and she’s as flat as a board. We started off as enemies and became friends because of mutual ones, but it didn’t last long because she showed her fake side real fast. She talks so much s**t and can’t keep her mouth shut, you can’t tell her anything or else everyone will know! Don’t ever tell her secrets she’s got the biggest mouth in all of Winnipeg. Jada flaunts her a*5 while booty popping in most of her pics when, she’s got no a*5, just back. She looks fuken deformed and doesn’t even notice.. just helping u out Jada!

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