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Jackie McDonald Cheaters

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We met up in an internship in Orlando Florida. We had a good time and we knew our relationship would turn into a long distance one when the internship ends. For 13 months I dedicated my time to her. Every moment that I wasn’t at work or I’m class, I was texting her and skyping with her. We talked about me moving out to North Carolina when I was done with school since I only had a few terms left. We visited each other durning the summer of 2014. In August, when classes started for her, she began to tell everyone but me that she was single. So while she was telling me “I love you and miss you” she was flirting with another man, going to the movies with him. When things became serious with him and her, she dumped me for him. She admitted to keeping our relationship alive in august and she admitted to seeing him in august and she admitted to have started dating h im the same time she dumped me. After all the sexy talks we had and letting me plan to make a 3000 mile move for her, she’s a selfish child. So watch out for her, if you’re not by her side 24/7, she’ll find a new man.

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First Name: Jackie
Middle Name:
Last Name: McDonald
Category: Cheaters


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