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Jackie M. Ortelli, Kenosha, Wisconsin Cheaters

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Where do I begin?! First of all this LESBIAN claims she’s transgender and is really a man. She doesn’t do anything that she claims(hypocrite), All she wants is a “Mother”. She cannot care for herself, her responsibilities, or anything that pertains to being an adult. This 41 year old is 30,000 in debt. Jackie doesn’t take care of her 2 bulldogs and she cruelly killed 12 fish. She left me through a text message and when I arrived home, the electric had been shut off as she took our car. She sold me dreams of better EXPENSIVE things and wanted to buy me an engagement ring after only a month. She thought I had money so I would be able to support her; all of her problems and be a “good little house wife”. This “Jackie of all trades” couldn’t keep a steady job, (The ones I knew of: sergeant of marines, personal trainer, driver’s ed teacher, registered mechanic, chef, security guard, lifeguard, something along the lines of EMT, business management) she has bounced career to career and state to state. She suffers extremely from P.T.S.D. and Narcissism. She is mentally and financially abusive. She is also out to take anyone and everyone down to her standards for her personal gain. She will spin lots of lies for you to make herself look good. She talks in circles and never lets you get a word in. The relationship is good at first, and then she puts more responsibilities on you and starts coming home less with no money to show for all the work she claims. She is filled with anger and resentment towards herself and it comes out expelled at you. She will make you feel everything is your wrong doing and there is no fault of her own.

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Cheater Details

First Name: Jackie
Middle Name: M.
Last Name: Ortelli, Kenosha, Wisconsin
Category: Cheaters


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